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cd Alison Jiear



cd Alison Jiear

Particularly fond of creating funny voices for children's animation, Alison is an experienced voice over artist who is comfortable with a range of English & American dialects. Alison studied Italian phonetics, speaks French and of course, has a wonderful Australian accent.

To book Ali for voiceover work, email Alison.


Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride

Credited as a featured artist, Alison worked alongside Danny Elfman creating the voices of The Ladies in Waiting and numerous other character voices for Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride.

corpse bride

The Wonderpets: Nickolodeon

Alison played numerous characters in the Wonderpets for Nickolodeon Jnr. Ali as the gloriously operatic goose, Aunt Eleonora.


The Wingin' Pom : Spitting Image

Alison got her first taste of animation work playing the role of Bruce the Red Back Spider in a six part Spitting Image series The Wingin' Pom. In the clip opposite, Bruce is sent to rescue his fellow Australians from their captives, Sergeant Hog and his Detective Porker.

wingin pom