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In May 2015, Alison reached an audience of millions when she auditioned for ITV's BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT performing a rousing rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone. The audience and all four judges gave Alison a standing ovation with David Walliams hailing "A star is born" and Simon Cowell declaring that she gave "one of THE best vocals we've ever had on the show".



LIVE SEMI FINAL : May 26th, 2015


A few words from Ali about her BGT journey?

"It was always important to me to go out there and be honest about who I am. I'm sure some people are tempted on a show like this to create a back-story, saying "I work in a bar" or "I work as a teacher". I am not pretending to be something I'm not! I am a jobbing vocalist. I am successfully supporting my family, but to the British public, I am anonymous.

I have worked as a backing vocalist for 30 years and for part of that time, I have been blessed to also work in musical theatre. I am extremely proactive in creating work opportunities for myself. I don't sit around waiting for stuff to happen. I'm always producing my own one-woman shows and financing recordings to sell at my shows in order to supplement my income. I have been undeniably fortunate to enjoy certain achievements in my career and perform in some high profile venues. I played a wonderful role in JERRY SPRINGER THE OPERA in 2004 as was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award, the same year and category as Amanda Holden. For the record, we never met!

I have done backing vocals on commercials and television shows for years. Yes, I even did backing vocals on X Factor and Britain's Got Talent years ago. Again, for the record, I never met Simon Cowell or the producers working on the show. I would turn up on a Wednesday, do the bvs and go home. It always concerned me that people would think I had an "in" with the show. That was never the case, and in fact, I had auditioned for BGT twice before and never got through. It just wasn't my time.

People may think that because I've worked professional that I have connections to the show, have an advantage over other contestants or don't deserve to be there. Trust me, that is not the case. There was no special treatment and to be truthful, the experience was potentially a lot more frightening than for others. As a pro, you tend to overthink everything and drive yourself around the twist. I had so much to gain by going on the show, but I also risked my reputation to do it. Unless you're IN it, you have not idea what it's like.

So, why did Ali enter BGT?

Alison is so grateful for all of the work she has accomplished, and whilst she is known by many people in the industry she has never had "the big break" that would introduce her voice to a wider audience. "Sometimes, you have have to take a risk!" Whilst humbled and completely overwhelmed by the response she received from the audience and judges at her first audition, she was never the sort of person to take anything for granted. As the judges and audience voting revealed in her Semi Final, nothing is a given!

She was SO grateful to appear in the live Semi Finals, giving her the unique platform to sing to 11,000,000 people one more time. She is optimistic and positive for the future despite not getting through to the Finals of the show. She is currently working on an inspirational album, which she hopes to release later this year.

Alison has various social media platforms where you can interact with her and will always do her best to answer your messages personally.