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cd Alison Jiear

"So much of what I do and the woman I am is because of my father. Gordon Henry Jiear lost his battle with Alzheimer's Disease in December, 2013. We not only shared a love unrivalled but a love of music that will live on in me. He is ever present.

Two days after returning from my father's funeral in Australia, I had a "Frank and Ella Show" in Aldeburgh. There we were, mid December, blustery and cold. In the second to last number of the show, a butterfly circled around me for the entire song. A buterfly in December? I felt my father's presence stronger than ever. His spirit absolutely filled my soul. Two of the musicians clocked it and comforted me after the show. "That was your Dad".

My father is my inspiration every day. Life is short. Life is precious. Be a good person. Be honest, kind, loving and most of all ... SING".

cd Alison Jiear

Although we live much longer than the butterfly, life is fleeting and time moves quickly. Sometimes we don’t realize it and all of a sudden, the years just slipped away. Butterflies teach us to enjoy the present moment and make the most of our existence here on earth. They also remind us that death is just another transformation—we will just spread our wings and fly in another dimension.

When a butterfly appears in your midst, it could be your guardian angel or spirit guide sending you a signal. It is difficult to ignore a butterfly’s presence, so consider it an important communiqué.

Departed loved ones can speak to us through butterflies. Many people report seeing butterflies shortly after a loved one’s death. Some see the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection, while others consider it to be the essence of the deceased’s soul. In fact there is an old Irish saying, “Butterflies are souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory.” Either way, butterflies do serve as important spiritual messengers. It is often up to the interpreter to decide the true meaning.

So the next time a butterfly crosses you path, take heed from this spiritual messenger. You are obviously meant to receive a message of great importance!

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